Full-length Works
title & MP3 link style release date size (MB) length play now misc. links
Celestial Fantasia demostyle 3/97 5.3 5:47 S3M
Logic Air Force (BeaT's Remix) electronic industrial 6/00 4.0 4:20 lyrics
P-MODEL Website
Mile High Club (BeaT Remix) demostyle-dance 3/01 5.3 5:46 Divinorum Website
Mind of a Dreamer demostyle-pop 10/98 4.3 5:03 XM
Mists of China ethnic/new-age 7/97 3.3 3:33 -
What's the Catch? demostyle-funk 12/97 - - - XM

Short Works
title & MP3 link style release date size (MB) length play now misc. links
Bouncer game boy 4/01 1.1 1:13 -
On the Spot funk 6/98 - - - -
Penguin Night demostyle 4/00 - - - MOD
Penguin Command
Timeless Entertainment Fanfare film/orchestral 5/98 0.3 0:17 -
Vulpine Skyflight demostyle-dance 6/00 0.5 0:29 -
Z-Zone demostyle-pop 1/98 - - - XM

Early Works
title & MP3 link style release date size (MB) length play now misc. links
Aquatica demostyle 6/96 - - - S3M
City Rhythm FM-synth pop 2/95 3.1 3:26 MIDI
CosmoWarp FM-synth demostyle 9/96 - - - FM S3M
Dawn on the Horizon orchestral/piano/pop 10/95 - - - MIDI
The Fall of the House of Usher orchestral 12/96 - - - MIDI
Osmo-1 FM-synth demostyle 1/96 - - - HSC
The Osmosys Fanfare orchestral 12/95 - - - MIDI
The Pit and the Pendulum abstract piano 12/96 - - - MIDI
The Sanitarium BBS Theme FM-synth bluesy-rock 2/96 - - - HSC and MIDI
Two FM-synth techno 7/96 - - - HSC


Use Winamp to play MP3 files, as well as streaming MP3s. It will also play CDs, MIDI files, and a variety of multimedia formats. You can even use it to play non-ZIPped mod files, but I wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't always play them as accurately as ModPlug Player does. Get Winamp by clicking on the above link.

MODPlug Central
Use ModPlug Player for all your mod-playing needs! If you want to be able to play any of the ZIPped mods on this page without having to unZIP them, simply rename them with a .MDZ extension and ModPlug Player will handle the rest. Get ModPlug Player, as well as ModPlug Tracker and the ModPlug browser plugin, by clicking on the above link.

AdPlug is a plugin for Winamp that allows you to play many old FM (also known as Adlib) music file formats, with varying degrees of accuracy. A couple files on this page (namely, the HSC files) can be played using this plugin. You can also find a handful of old DOS programs online that will handle various FM formats -- these tend to play the files more accurately, but may be harder to use and may not work on all of today's computer systems. Get AdPlug for Winamp by clicking on the above link.